Sarah Jones: Sarah Jones as Sunita
The Texas Moment
Lynn Greer: Life Changing Experiences
Brickson Diamond: Passion In Philanthropy - Getting It Back
Craig Harwood: At Seven I Knew
Cary Alan Johnson, Dorothy Sander, and Sass Rogando Sasot: Equality Without Borders
A Celebration of Allies
Rea Carey: We Just Want to be Visible
Sarah Jones: Sarah Jones as Lorraine
Catherine Pino and Ingrid Duran: Donor Stories
Janet Murguía: Latino/LGBT Collaboration
Andrew Park: Two Sides of the Same Wedge

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OutGiving is a network of passionate donors committed to advancing equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. At the heart of the OutGiving network is our biennial conference, which has inspired hundreds of donors to give more strategically and more generously to improve the lives of LGBT people. Learn more about OutGiving >